Success Takes Teamwork

At Primepoint, we like to think we are more than just an HR & payroll solutions provider. We see ourselves as part of your team.  Since 2000, we’ve brought this unique approach to everything we do, whether it’s designing solutions, helping you to customize your data to meet your needs, ensuring you stay abreast of fast-moving compliance issues, or bringing you timely service and support when you need it most. Think of us as the team behind your team.


Here’s To People

Watch this video to see how Primepoint celebrates people.  After all, we’re in the people business.  We know that the difference between a good solution and a great one is great people. And the more successful people become, the more successful business becomes.


Who we serve

Our flexible technologies and approach to service make us the perfect partner for organizations of every size and stripe. It’s why you’ll find Primepoint solutions powering HR and payroll at a wide array of organizations – from small to large companies; non-profits; and state, county, and local governments.


A Message From Our CEO

To understand what Primepoint is “About” I would like you to know a little about our beginnings.  Mom started a bookkeeping company in the ‘70s to help get her sons through college.  In 1987 my brother Dave, together with my mom, created Delaware Valley Payroll, and I joined in 1990.  Our parents had already taught us how to work hard and to be passionate in whatever we do, and during those early years in business together, we also learned how to listen to our clients, understand their needs, and how to work along with them to create solutions. With the help of our friend Jim, the company continued to grow.

In 2000 we formed Primepoint with Dave taking on the role of CTO and Jim as VP of Business Development. Fast forward to today, Primepoint serves businesses throughout the entire country, has employees in multiple states, and our technology and infrastructure are state-of-the-art.  We are growing faster than ever, but what hasn’t changed is that we listen to our clients, and are passionate about creating solutions.

At the core of our success are the people of Primepoint.  Throughout the company we have a dedicated workforce with great talent and lots of experience, and we are excited with the development of our next generation of leadership.  When we say “Our people are our promise” we really mean it.  It’s people that make the difference between good solutions and great ones.


Al Bothwell
Chief Executive Officer



Meet Some of the Team

Lisa L.

HR Solutions Support Specialist

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Regional Sales Manager

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Core Payroll Specialist Lead

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Assistant Director of Operations

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Director of Market Development

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Software Developer

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Director of Marketing

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Payroll Distribution Coordinator

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Director of Tax

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Director of Time & Labor Management

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