Our People are our promise.

let's Team Up.

At Primepoint, we know the most powerful HR solutions are the result of powerful teamwork. That’s why we work alongside you, tailoring software to meet the specific needs of your organization – from helping process your day-to-day payroll and managing HR issues to creating tailored solutions specifically for your business – with the goal of helping you make smarter decisions as you evolve.

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Are your payroll, HR and time management departments on the same page?

Let's Team Up.

At Primepoint, we know three different departments can generate three times the work. That’s why our HR engineers design software that allows different departments and managers to share the same data from a single central server. And, you can decide what information employees can access as well. Talk about open communication.

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Let's Team Up.

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One Size
Doesn't Fit All.

No two organizations are quite the same. Whether you have five employees or thousands, Primepoint sits down with you to discover your unique needs and challenges. Then and only then – when we understand your DNA – can our systems experts tailor solutions that really deliver for you and only you.

One Size


We connect data from across your departments and offices into a single-source database. So time tracking talks to payroll, which talks to benefits. Then you can quickly and easily run up-to-the-minute reports. And make smarter decisions.

Steamless Integration

Technology That's

We arm you with software that’s intuitive, efficient and evolves as you evolve. Together, we ensure that you and your employees are empowered to manage their paychecks, schedules, time-off and more – from computers and smartphones – 24/7.

Numbers don’t lie.


Years of developing payroll technology


Pays Processed


Payroll Dollars Every Year & Growing

Tech that empowerful

If you think our technology is great, wait until
you meet the team behind it.

At Primepoint, success starts with a conversation and doesn’t stop there. That means working with you – as part of your team – to not only help with day-to-day HR and payroll issues but to evolve with you as your long-term needs change.

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Let's Team Up.