Q. Where can I find information on using the Business Access System?
A. At the top of the primepoint.com site there is access to our Resource area that will cover a number of general topics. Once logged into the Business Access System, you will find links to support resources. During business hours you can contact your service team. They are eager to help.

Q. How do I contact my service team?
A. In the upper right corner of the Business Access System under your user account name there is a dropdown menu. Click on “Contact Primepoint”. There you will see the direct phone number and email address for your dedicated service team. If you cannot log into the system, you can find our general contact information at primepoint.com.

Q. What type of taxes does Primepoint file for its clients?
A. Primepoint currently remits and files returns for payroll related taxes to all Federal agencies, and all 50 States and their Local jurisdictions including Puerto Rico. Forms submitted include 941, 943, 944, 1095 and W2s.

Q. Does Primepoint process transactions for subcontractors and file 1099s?
A. Subcontractors and other non-employees can be paid in the system along with regular employees. Primepoint can also withhold and remit the Federal 945 tax, and file the annual 945 return.

Q. What type of 1099s does Primepoint process?
A. The only 1099s that Primepoint currently processes are the 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, and 1099-R. The 1099 transaction can be processed individually throughout the year or imported into the system in a batch at the end of the year.

Q. How do employees enroll in Primepoint’s EmployeeXperience® system?
A. At the EmployeeXperience® login, which can be accessed at primepoint.com, there is a link that takes the employee to an enrollment page. The employee will need the employer’s unique Enrollment Code to start the enrollment process. The employer can find this code in the Business Access system by navigating to EmployeeXperience->Access->Enrollment.

Q. I’m an employee of a Primepoint client. How can I get help accessing the EmployeeXperience® system?
A. At the EmployeeXperience® login there are links to change passwords and to access help documents. You can also reach out to a dedicated Primepoint EmployeeXperience® service representative ready to help you to navigate the system. You can find the contact information under “Contact” at primepoint.com, and your employer has access to all the information required to help you.

Q. How do I learn more about becoming a Primepoint customer?
A. Reach out to our sales team by completing the Contact Us form found here: Contact Page