Time Management.
Because Time
Is Money.

You want to track more than just time, don’t you? You want to effectively manage your employees, their attendance, paid time off (PTO), and morale. Oh, and you need to comply with the ACA, stay abreast of labor laws, and track company finances, efficiencies, and productivity. (Whew!) At Primepoint, we help you stay ahead of these issues and more by creating customizable solutions that fully integrate with both your payroll and HR systems. So you’re managing time, not chasing it.

Time Management

Time & Attendance

Software, streamlined.

Now you can simplify and automate routine tasks, such as approving timesheets, responding to time-off requests, and managing schedules and accruals.

Time & Attendance

Consistent, Fair Rules

Our robust pay calculation engine helps you easily model your current policies and align with federal and state regulations, minimizing compliance risk.

Accurate Data Capture

Collect data from smartphones, computers, time clocks, and even landlines. Whether your employees are off-site or on, you can mix and match how you collect data, based on your organization’s needs.

Real-Time Visibility

An easy-to-use, configurable dashboard allows you to track key data and perform common tasks on one screen, driving smarter decision- making. Oh, and it’s all real-time info at the click of a button.

Happy Employees

Give your employees easy, instant access to their timesheet and schedules so they can manage time-off requests, schedules, timecards, overtime requests, and more – online!


Time Collection Options

When you team-up our cloud-based time & attendance software with any of our time collection options, punching in and out becomes quick and easy for your employees.  Our system can collect punches utilizing many methods, or combinations of methods such as, software-based time clocks, computers, tablets, smart phones, or even landline phones.  Also, Primepoint may be able to utilize methods and/or hardware your business currently uses.

Employee Scheduling

Put the right person in the right
place at the right time.

Employee Scheduling
Helps Employees

Helps HR...

…automatically generate schedules to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement.

Helps Employees...

…swap shifts, request coverage, and even request an open shift for extra hours.

Helps Employees

PTO As Easy As 1,2,3

With consistency, accuracy, and transparency

Automatically calculate and track accrued PTO to eliminate manual errors, support fair and consistent policy enforcement, and give employees and managers instant visibility to simplify time-off requests and approvals.

PTO As Easy As 1,2,3


Speed up and simplify time-off requests and approvals while enforcing policies and regulations to minimize your compliance risk and drive fair, consistent treatment of employees.


Calculate and track accruals based on hours worked, seniority, pay grade, attendance, performance, and/or wellness points. Add carryover settings to specify whether an employee can carry forward accrued time, how much, and for how long.


Provide employees and managers with access to accrual balances at any time and from any device. Leverage comprehensive reporting to gain visibility into time earned, taken, scheduled, and remaining for your employees for their applicable PTO categories.

Leave Manager

Automatically administer and track paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave.

Leave Manager

Automate Processes

Our automated system helps you maintain balances, reduce manual errors, and control absence costs.

Increase Consistency

Ensure equal, fast, and fair policy enforcement across your entire organization to reduce compliance risks.

Engage Employees

Reduce paperwork through seamless integration with timesheets, schedules, and government forms. Let employees easily request leave, check eligibility, and track their balances – anytime, anywhere on our mobile app.


Track workforce data and trends for deeper insights.


Datasets Across Employee Lifecycle

Dive into datasets from across the employee lifecycle, with data that is comprehensive, up-to-date, and easily digestible.

Easy Calculations and Data Manipulation

Quickly explore and compare data from across the system. Filtering, calculation options, thresholds, and totals make it simple to build and share dynamic, actionable information.

Minimized Security Risk

Limit the need to export data and open your organization to harmful and costly security risks by accessing what you need within the HCM platform.