Payroll Processing Technology Support Businesses of All Sizes

Primepoint focuses on technology and support to provide solutions to a range of payroll and HR needs. Businesses with fewer employees and straightforward payrolls can take advantage of our easy-to-use platforms to get payroll completed accurately and efficiently. Our attentive, live support teams are available to help along the way, and our monthly pricing is clear and competitive. See pricing now. 


For mid-size and large organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees and more complex needs, Primepoint has the ability to tailor its technology and develop solutions to help simplify and streamline the payroll process. Primepoint teams up with you to provide a high level of support as it is needed in real-time.  Get more information now.

Mid-sized and Large Business Payroll Processing Information

Primepoint excels in its agility and adaptability. As the payroll industry is presented with many new obstacles and difficult-to-navigate terrain, Primepoint is able to shift its gears and develop effective solutions for its customers more quickly than others. This can be seen in Primepoint's response to COVID-19, through building new tools, support teams, earning codes, and more. While COVID-19 is a unique situation with new challenges being presented daily, the payroll industry has always needed to be able to adapt to a dynamic environment, and will continue to do so post-COVID-19. And Primepoint will continue to lead the pack.

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