Document Management


Tired of storing lots of paper documents for every employee?

Do you currently distribute information to employees via email with attachments? 

Have you ever thought there has to be a better way? 

There is! Primepoint's Document Management tool.  Imagine all of an employee's documents hosted electronically in fully customizable folder structure on Primepoint's servers.  Now imagine that you can select some of those documents to be available to the employee through Primepoint's employee self-service portal called the EmployeeXperience®. 

You might have a bulletin for all employees. . . post it for everyone with an alert in the EmployeeXperience.  Do you have different health benefit packages for different classes of employees?  Store the descriptive documents using this tool and then use the EmployeeXperience to communicate the appropriate documents to the appropriate class of employee. 

You'll find this tool has lots of power to help you organize your employee documents, comply with labor laws, and more easily communicate with employees.

In addition to storing documents on Primepoint's server, you can store documents on your company's server and organize lists of those documents in the system.  The documents listed will link to the electronic file stored on your company's server.  The documents can be listed as general documents that apply to the entire company or be listed and attached to a specific employee's file.

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