Affordable Care Act


 Solutions for Compliance Management and 1095/94 C Year-end Reporting
Fully Integrated With Payroll

Compliance Tools

Test to Determine if Your Business is an Applicable Large Employer

Indicate an Employee’s ACA Status at the Employee Level
     Full Time
     Variable Hour

Customize Measurement Periods
     Administrative – Initial & Standard
     Stability– Initial & Standard

Track Variable Hour Employees
     Learn Which Employees Are Trending Eligible
     Get the Information You Need to Manage Schedules and Eligibility
     Offer Benefits When Required to Remain Compliant

Affordability Testing
     Include Costs for the Minimum Level of Coverage
     Automatically Calculate & Report Affordability

General Administration
     Track When Benefits Are Offered
     Run Monthly Reports Needed For Year-end Reporting
     Track Dependent Information

Year-end Reporting

Create, Produce, & Electronically File Form 1095C for Each Employee

Create and Electronically File Form 1094C

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ACA Compliace