Employee Scheduling
An integrated solution for managing complex employee schedules

Best-fit Schedules

Our solution allows you to build schedules that best fit your organizations’s specific staffing needs. If given business metrics, this solution can build and assign the schedule for you. It takes many factors into consideration when building a best-fit schedule, such as:

  • Employee availability
  • Preferences
  • Seniority
  • Cost center budget
  • Skills
  • Certifications

Lower Costs and Increased Engagement

This approach to scheduling helps reduce labor costs, over-staffing, and compliance risk, and can increase productivity and employee engagement.

Comprehensive Reporting

Various reports are easily accessible to help analyze scheduling data.

These reports include:

  • Open Shift Report
  • Coverage Maps
  • Schedule Summary by Employee
  • Employee Work Time Available
  • Employee Work Time Preference

Employee Self-service

Employees can access and interact with their schedules through a desktop or mobile device. Functions such as receiving email notifications when a new schedule is posted, and requesting a change or additional shifts give employees more control over their own schedules.

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