Analytics Lite


Get quick, deep insight into your workforce data and trends while minimizing security risk

Understanding your workforce’s data and trends and then making the right decisions for your people and your organization are ongoing challenges, especially when you have limited resources and many competing priorities. That’s why Analytics Lite helps deliver the information you need to be confident you are on the right path without adding to your workload, and it allows you to do so right from your human capital management (HCM) platform.

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Datasets across employee lifecycle

Easy calculations and data manipulation

Minimized security risk

Dive into datasets from across the employee lifecycle and create a one-stop shop where all the information needed to make decisions with people data is readily available and easily digestible by decision makers.

Quickly explore and compare data from across the system through an adaptable pivot table-like display. Filtering, calculation options, thresholds, and totals make it simple to build and share dynamic, actionable views into information throughout your organization.

Limit the need to export data and possibly open your organization to harmful, and sometimes costly, security risks, by accessing and manipulating all employee data within the HCM platform.


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