Java Status

Web Start Application No Longer Supported

With Oracle’s update to Java 11, the Web Start application will no longer be supported. Primepoint utilizes Web Start to initiate the download and auto-updating of eHR. Web Start is still available under Java 8. However, Oracle has also made changes to it's licensing of Java that may affect your usage. eHR users who use Oracle's distribution of Java will need to stay on Java 8 and review the license or use an alternative.

Primepoint’s Browser-based Solution

Primepoint offers an alternative browser-based application to eHR called Business Access. Business Access does not require Java and will run in any modern web browser. It contains all of the functionality of eHR and more. Our ultimate goal is to remove any dependency on Java for our clients by transitioning all of our users to Business Access. It is our preferred application, and we recommend you make the switch.

Need to Continue Using eHR?

If you need to continue using eHR, we recommend using an alternative to Oracle's version of Java. OpenWebStart has the Java environment and Web Start packaged together in one installation. AdoptOpenJdk is another alternative Java distribution with Web Start. To include Web Start in this installation, you will need to choose version OpenJDK 8 and the HotSpot JVM and select to install Web Start during the installation process.