Small Business Time System Security Update
Recently a time system security update went into effect that requires your employees to change their password and include contact information to enable multi-factor authentication.  Additionally, system administrators are required to authorize some information changes for those changes to take effect.

This process starts when an employee accesses the time system by logging-in directly, or by using the mobile app.  This does not apply to employees who log-in via the EmployeeXperience®.

Upon direct log-in the employee will see the screen below to change their password:

After the employee clicks "Change," they will be presented with a second screen (below) that collects "Multi-Factor Authentication" information.

Once the employee enters the above information, they will be allowed to log into the system.  However, on the subsequent login the employee will see the screen below that requires the employee to chose the communication method by which they will be sent a validation code.  Once the employee enters the validation code and clicks the check box, the system will not require this validation process again unless they clear their browser cookies, allow 30 days to pass between log-ins, or use a different device to log-in.

When a new employee logs-in and provides phone number and email information, the system Administrator will need to approve that information.  The approval is accomplished from the "Virtual Code Approvals" report, which can be accessed from the time system's "Reports" menu as shown below.  If an approval is not made within 72 hours, the employee's account will be locked.

If the employee's account becomes locked, the Administrator can unlock the account by accessing the time system and selecting My Account>Employee Setup.  On that screen un-check the "Locked" check box and click the "Clear Virtual Code Settings" button.

NOTE: This action will cause the system to prompt the employee again for this info on their next login.  Currently, the system is re-locking their account after they provide the new information.  This will hopefully be resolved very soon, but in the meantime, please go back in and unlock the account a second time by un-clicking the "Locked" check box --  But do not click the "Clear Virtual Code Settings" button.

If you are using a Kiosk (a computer that allows multiple users to log in), you can click Company Setup > Virtual Code Configuration.  Here you will be able to Certify a Kiosk by clicking the button.  Give the Kiosk a name, and then click Save (see below):