Common Questions and Answers About Primepoint's New Communications and Security Procedures:

1. Q: What are you asking me to do?
A: At this time, we're asking each company to establish a Master Administrator. The Master Administrator has additional administrative settings that other, general contacts do not have. These settings include the ability to manage the contacts on the account, who receives certain types of communications, the ability to manage the access security policy, and the ability to manage roles if you use role-based security. The Master Administrator should be a primary decision maker at your company.

2. Q: When do I need to establish a Master Administrator?
A: It is important to get a Master Administrator established as soon as possible, but it should be done no later than April 15.

3. Q: Can there be more than one Master Administrator?
A: Yes.

4. Q: What is the Access Security Policy?
A: The Access Security Policy allows you to set the level of security for entering the Primepoint system and accessing the information stored in the system. It includes setting the password strength and expiration, and whether or not you would like two-factor authentication to log in.

5. Q: How do I change the Access Security Policy?
A: Once you've established a Master Administrator, the form to update the security policy beyond the default settings can be completed.

6. Q: Should I be reviewing my security settings?
A:Yes. Even though two-factor authentication introduces another step in the initial login process, we recommend employing it to add another layer of security to your account.

7. Q: Should I make myself the Master Administrator?
A: Possibly. The appropriate contact who should be named as the Master Administrator will vary from company to company. The Master Administrator should be a primary decision maker at the company. They may be an owner, a director, an executive, or another person of authority.

8. Q: Will the Master Administrator be required to have regular contact with Primepoint?
A: No, it is not required. The Master Administrator may be used as a last resort type of contact if that is preferred. However, if this is the case, it is recommended that the company assigns multiple Master Administrators so another individual has the authority to communicate with Primepoint any decisions or changes associated with being a Master Administrator.

9. Q: If I'm not the Master Administrator, does this mean I can no longer contact Primepoint?
A: No, you may still be able to contact us. If you regularly contact Primepoint regarding payroll information, you will be made a payroll contact in our system. This allows you to continue contacting our payroll processing teams as needed. If you are not a payroll contact, you can still contact our other departments, such as Systems Support.

10. Q: Can every contact be a Master Administrator?
A: That is up to each individual company.

11.Q: Can one contact have all of the administrative settings assigned to them?
A: Yes, a contact can have multiple administrative settings assigned to them. Keep in mind that making someone a Master Administrator automatically makes them a payroll contact and assigns that person all four administrative settings.