Benefits Statements

Communicating to an employee their true value to the business can be a challenge.  Certainly looking at their paycheck gives employees a sense of their value, but that isn't the whole picture.  In fact, many employees don't realize that their compensation and benefits are actually much higher than their paycheck may show.  You can more accurately convey an employee's worth by providing them with Primepoint's personalized Total Compensation and Benefits Statement.

Primepoint's Total Compensation and Benefits Statements are designed to be customizable.  You can choose which earnings, benefits, and perks to include.  Several attractive templates are available from which to choose and a simple pie chart illustrates the distribution of the various benefits.

Primepoint's Total Compensation and Benefits Statements have been developed to be dynamic, so that they can be produced on an as-needed basis.  Providing information to your employees greatly enhances their employment experience and overall satisfaction.