Communication You May Receive During Implementation

  1. Web Services Activation Agreement - If you have requested online access you will receive an email from Primepoint Implementation (docs@ which will have a Web Services Activation Agreement attached. You will need to electronically sign and return the document before we activate your online access.

  2.  Startup Summary - You will receive an email from Primepoint Implementation (docs@ with a summary of the information provided to Primepoint. It is important you review this information. Please contact your sales representative with any questions regarding the summary.

  3.  Termination Letter - If you are switching from another payroll service, on the day of your 1st processed payroll you will receive an email from Primepoint Sales (sjacob@, with a template of a Termination Letter. You may use this template to communicate with your prior payroll provider. In addition to notifying them of termination of service, it also provides instructions on how they are to handle your taxes.

  4.  EmployeeXperience® Enrollment Instructions – The day after your 1st processed payroll, you will receive an email (NoReply@ with a EmployeeXperience® Login Instruction Document for distribution to your employees.