Electronic Employee Onboarding

Primepoint’s HR team can help you change employee onboarding from lots of paper forms and potential data entry mistakes, into a streamlined digital process. You simply provide your new hires a link, via email, to enroll into Primepoint’s EmployeeXperience® self-service portal.  New hires then use the system to easily complete their profile, including all your important employment documents such as the W-4, I-9 and any other document you require. 

You will work with our HR team to design a “Workflow” that further streamlines your new-hire processes.  The Workflow will include instructions for an automated communication process that will send internal and external communications to your staff members, brokers, union officials, and anyone else who needs information about the newly hired employee. 

Additional Workflows can be created to streamline many of your other processes such as the approval process of events like hiring, leave of absence, promotions, terminations – whatever you need.  It’s all about creating efficiencies for you and a great employee experience for your staff.