About dvPayroll & HR

In 1975, Bea and Al Bothwell, Sr. started Bookkeeping Assistance for small business clients who needed bookkeeping services. Some of their clients also required payroll processing services. In 1987, Bea and Al's youngest son, Dave joined the business and with an off-the-shelf payroll processing software system, automated the payroll services offered by Bookkeeping Assistance.  Shortly thereafter, the decision was made to shift the focus of the business from bookkeeping to payroll processing services, and Delaware Valley Payroll, Inc. was formed.

Fast forward to 1998 - Dave, along with his brother Alex and Jim Jacob, felt they had grown the company’s client base and technology to a point which required a new image for the company. Therefore, they decided to rebrand the company as dvPayroll & HR with a new look and company logo.

In late 2000, Dave, Alex, their brother Bill, and Jim Jacob formed Primepoint, LLC to become the technology engine behind dvPayroll & HR.  Primepoint’s skilled development team created a proprietary system that significantly advanced it's (and the industry’s) payroll processing services.  Overtime the dvPayroll & HR name has moved to the background and is primarily involved in the processing of federal and state tax payments, while Primepoint HRMS & Payroll has built a significant and valuable brand by offering advanced, flexible technology along with a very high level of customer service.