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October 3, West Orange NJ, The Arc of Essex County presented Primepoint with its 2019 Corporate Partner Award at a ceremony that preceded the Arc's annual Uncorked Uncapped fundraising event.  A customer of Primepoint since 2009, the Arc honored Primepoint for being a trusted partner and financial supporter.

Linda Cancro Lucas, Arc Essex County, Chief Executive Officer  said, “Primepoint and the Arc of Essex County’s Finance and Human Resources Department collaborate to customize operational, payroll, and training systems maximizing the agency’s efficiency and impacting the system for not-for-profits statewide.  These efforts have had a direct impact on not only the Arc but those we serve.  The flexible and customizable solutions offered by Primepoint ensure the Arc staff can focus time and attention where it is needed most.  Month long reporting time has been reduced to 15 minutes, and real-time data access allows the agency to identify trends as they are happening and respond accordingly.  The dependability of Primepoint’s solutions was instrumental in the Arc’s successful transition from a contract based system to a fee-for-service model. As the Arc continues to pilot and customize new systems with Primepoint, the impact on the agency and those we serve will continue to grow.” 

Primepoint currently serves 6 Arcs throughout the state of New Jersey in addition to many other non-profit organizations - from other agencies that provide support to individuals with disabilities, to churches, schools, educational foundations, homeless organizations, and many others.

Alex Bothwell, Primepoint, Chief Executive Officer said, “Right from the very start in 2009 we knew that it was going to be a very special relationship.  The connectivity and like mindedness we had about what we could do together was pretty amazing.  One thing we noticed right away is that getting better wasn’t an event, it was a journey.  This is something that was really special to us at Primepoint; we could take this journey with the Arc.  And the journey is not over, but both our organizations are up for the challenge and eager to continue the journey.  I would like to thank the Arc for this award, it is really an honor to be recognized this way, but I really want to thank the Arc for allowing us the opportunity to be a good partner by providing your time and input.  Those efforts on your part have resulted in solutions that can be applied to all NJ Arcs and other non-profits.  One of the things the Arc does so well is make people better every day, and that’s one thing you have also done for us, you’ve made Primepoint better.”