Primepoint provides payroll & HR services for companies in many different industries. But, because our advanced technology is very flexible and robust, organizations in certain industries with complex needs realize great benefits.  They find their payroll processing tasks easier and faster, while receiving reports and information that also streamline other payroll related activities.

Municipalities and Counties

If you are the payroll manager or CFO of a municipality or county, you know that your payroll processing needs can be complex.  Primepoint offers advanced technology specifically designed for NJ municipalities.  Our staff members have as much as 25 years of NJ municipal experience and they're ready to customize the configuration of the systems to simplify your process.

Primepoint has a proven track record for handling the unique needs of NJ municipalities, as well as a lot of experience transitioning municipalities to Primepoint's services from both types of payroll processing methods - outsourced and in-house. See how our technology can make your job a little easier and hear testimonials from our municipal customers.  Learn More


If you have the responsibility for processing payroll in a non-profit organization you have many unique needs. Quite often organizations like yours have multiple locations, departments, pay rates, grants, programs, etc.  See how our technology can make your job a little easier.  Learn More

Large Business

We consider any business to be large if it has complex needs.  Whether your business has 100 or 10,000+ employees, Primepoint is capable and willing to utilize its flexible technology to engineer customized solutions to meet your complex needs.  Once you meet with us you’ll quickly see that we start by understanding your unique needs so we can offer solutions that will make your processes more efficient. From entering employee data and deductions, to tracking employee time, creating payroll worksheets and reports, to final general ledger entries and every step along the way, our systems are designed to help you streamline all aspects of payroll processing.  And our fully integrated Human Resource Management system will help you manage your employee’s Work-Path from recruitment to separation.  Learn More