An additional employee benefit.
     No additional cost.
      Offered exclusively by payroll services powered by Primepoint.

The EmployeeXperience® means more online conveniences and benefits for the employees of companies using payroll services powered by Primepoint's advanced technology.  This feature is made available at no additional fee and is an exclusive part of Primepoint's technology.

The EmployeeXperience® makes it easy for employees to:
Create their personal account, as well as maintain their user ID and password

● View specific documents employers have attached to their file*

  1. Utilizing this feature enables an employer to make available to employees any kind of information in electronic form, such as employee handbooks, employment records, various forms, training materials, etc.
● View specific messages from their employer*
● Use a suite of financial calculators
● Receive a text message or email notification when their paystub is ready for viewing
● View their detailed time punch reports if the business is using Primepoint’s time keeping system*
● Quickly view and print their individual pay check stub
● View and print their personal W-2 whenever it’s needed
● Review their pay history
● Run a report (called the Employee Card) that details their wages and all deductions for any time period
● Choose from several different newly enhanced graphical reports to analyze their wages and total compensation:
    Compensation Summary
    Deduction Summary
    Wage Summary
    Earnings Trend
    EFT Deposit Summary
● Quickly review their basic personal profile information and electronically request that the employer make changes
● Download a free Smartphone app
● Access the time and attendance system from the EmployeeXperience portal using any web enabled computer or Smartphone with the app installed
*These features require the employer to purchase specific modules of Primepoint’s Enterprise Human Resources Management System.