Center For Non-Profit Members Receive a
10% Discount on Primepoint’s Payroll Processing Fees!

Your benefits of membership come in many forms. This benefit happens to be a discount from a company that specializes in handling payroll processing for non-profit organizations. You’ll find that Primepoint has a lot of experience in our industry, and as a result, the company also has a unique understanding of the non-profit organization’s needs. Over time Primepoint has developed excellent solutions for those needs. The solutions Primepoint can bring to your organization will create a more efficient process for your internal staff resulting in significant soft cost savings.

You’ll also get a hard cost savings resulting from the fact that Primepoint’s standard payroll processing fees are generally less than its competitors', and as a Center member you'll get an additional 10% off those fees. Plus you’ll get free use of Primepoint’s Business Direct Access real-time web-based interface designed for organizations with less than 50 employees. Larger organizations that need their Enterprise HRIS system will get one module free, normally priced at $25 per month.

Primepoint has a great reputation for advanced technology and a high level of customer service. At the Center we know this first hand because we use Primepoint’s services for our payroll processing. You should consider talking with Primepoint about utilizing their services and ask for a payroll processing cost analysis and proposal. In addition to payroll processing, Primepoint can also provide time & labor management solutions for organizations that need to track employee’s time and attendance with time clocks and software.

For more information about Primepoint, use the contact form or call the Center to get Primepoint's contact information.